The Web of Semantics: Journal of Interdisciplinary Science (2960-9550) is an interdisciplinary journal based on research and applications of various subject areas that contribute to the development of a knowledge-intensive and intelligent service Web. These areas include: knowledge technologiesontologyagentsdatabases, and the semantic grid, obviously disciplines like information retrieval, language technology, human-computer interaction, and knowledge discovery are of major relevance as well. 
The Web of Semantics: Journal of Interdisciplinary Science addresses various prominent application areas including e-businesse-communityknowledge managemente-learningdigital libraries and e-sciences.

The Journal of Web Semantics includes, but is not limited to, the following major technology areas:
• The Semantic Web
• Knowledge Technologies
• Ontology
• Agents
• Databases
• Semantic Grid and Peer-to-Peer Technology
• Information Retrieval
• Language Technology
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Knowledge Discovery
• Web Standards

Major application areas that are covered by the Journal of Web Semantics are:
• eBusiness
• eCommunity
• Knowledge Management
• eLearning
• Digital Libraries
• eScience.


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